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IOTA Offshore, supplies a full range of technical services from engineering, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenances to the Oil, Gas, Marine and renewable sectors, where the core business is about commissioning with a new approach to supporting services.

IOTA, with resilient business model, is adapted to the most recent evolutions to become one of the world's leading specialist services provider to the oil, gas & petrochemical industry.

Commissioning is a critical stage in the life of any facility. A series of vital checks is prior to on-stream the operation, the commissioning services will thoroughly mitigate project risk and help to achieve performance goals right from the start.

The ultimate goal of new infrastructure is to operate as planned from ‘day one’. At IOTA, it’s our job to prove the integrity of all systems, identifying and fine-tuning design and construction to achieve optimal results for our clients.

IOTA’s complete in-house commissioning capability is there to ensure new assets and critical interfaces comply with the original design specification. The benefit for operators comes from IOTA’s expanded knowledge and experience in addressing those issues that are rarely encountered during typical daily usage. Clients benefit from the training provided which causes staff to underpin an operation’s long-term success.

The safety and efficiency of every operation in any facility is our goal. IOTA takes complete responsibility for commissioning, whether we start in the engineering office, provide expertise in the fabrication yard, or mobilize to a remote area. From overly complicated oil & gas and Petrochemical plants to cleaner and more efficient power stations, advanced water treatment plants, and pharmaceutical equipment and factories, our commissioning capabilities span a wide variety of sectors.

At IOTA, we promote a system-level view of engineering problems. Even in our smaller projects, taking in a larger view of the interactions and intricacies of the system as a whole enables us to develop an optimized solution that crosses many different disciplines and boundaries.
These takes personnel with a broad set of skills and a colossal amount of knowledge including production systems and ability to overcome the challenges involved in designing, constructing, commissioning and operating them.
Our goal is to provide engineering solutions to the oil & gas industry that allow our clients to make informed financial decisions. Our goal is to provide these solutions through the high caliber of our staff and formation of strong relationships with our customers.
We take on projects at any stage from the design and early developments to the troubleshooting of mature fields.
Our expertise in Engineering and Commissioning enables us to provide high-balanced oil and gas services to our Clients ensuring the interfaces between various disciplines which are adequately recognized and addressed. This results in smoother facility start-ups, and the increase in whole-life value for existing developments.


When it comes to safety, there can be absolutely no compromise, no acceptance of second best. Our HSE results are constantly improving, thanks to the implementation of a strong Safety and Security Management System and to the continuous involvement of all our employees.

The aim of the IOTA offshore services is to ensure the equipment is commissioned in a safe and controlled manner while confirming compliance with the design intent and demonstrating system and equipment performance.


Lessons learned from our past projects have shown that more commissioning oversight is required during both the engineering and the construction phases to ensure that quality and operability are maintained throughout the project life cycle. That is why we propose early involvement in the project to facilitate a systematic, efficient and flawless transfer from contractor to operations.

We recognize that every project has many interdependencies between each function. By getting involved early in the project, we can manage these links and fully understand, adjust and adapt to Project and Operations strategies and priorities throughout the life cycle of the project and into steady state operations. IOTA is committed to providing high quality services to support the activities of our Clients. 



OMEGA Group is one of the offshore companies in the Middle East.  Practical Technical and Management skills of our highly experienced team coupled with state of the art equipment of our partners ensures the most economical and viable solutions for our clients’ requirements.



OMEGA Kish was founded on 2011 in Kish Island-Iranand the Head quarter organized in Tehran. OMEGA Kish Offshore Technology Co. was founded on 2011 in Kish Island-Iranand the Head quarter organized



GAMA Offshore is a private company formed in 2013 to provide expert engineering services to support offshore Oil and Gas Development and Renovation Projects. As a Part of OMEGA Group,



Qoppa specializes in the procurement and supply of a vast range of products for oil & gas companies, mining companies, offshore companies, government agencies and general industry.



In the present, the  systematic knowledges of commissioning and start-up in country is a heritage of glorious job performance in 1st Phase of South Pars Gas development project, where AYUB ALIPOUR established a team of talented engineers in SADRA, they are well-practiced engineers specifically trained to an exceptional level to shape the first local team specializing in commissioning. The same organization is now grown up and has widened its horizons and had recent development in several subsequent local projects including the Phase 4&5- 6, 7&8 - 9&10 of south pars development project and SALMAN Offshore Facilities development project.

At the moment, almost every local company specializing in commissioning has formed partially from same knowledge, experience and set of skills.

IOTA as industry-leading Company has engaged AYUB ALIPOUR as chief technical officer, and best of his team throughout nearly 20 of commissioning experiences in the local O& G Project, to support local clients with a world – class technical services.

SALMAN Offshore 

The project scope were EPCIC of complex of seven (7) Topsides include one(1) Process, One(1) Gas Lift, One(1) Risers, three(3) Wellheads and One Living and Jackets and four (4) Bridges.

Phase1 Offshore 

The project scope were EPCIC of complex of four(4) Topsides include one(1) Process, two(2) wellheads and one(1) Living quarter , One (1) Flare Stack and four(4) Bridges.


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